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Posted by:: Noktis (07-02-2016)

Update: Patch v6.9b

Diablo the Awakening patch v6.9b is now available in the download section. DiabloTorch and stash have been updated.

Diablo Stash
- Gossip fix by blankname

Diablo Torch was updated
- There is now a "party" status screen (toggled with the 'P' key) that shows the clvl, location (dlvl/town), and life/mana for everyone in the game. There is an option to disable this.
- Other players now get life/mana bars over their heads, with an option to disable this.
- It now draws other players on the automap in blue arrows, there is not currently a way to disable this one.
- '~' tilde key now hides all windows, not just the taskbar (so you can leave shrines open now and hide it quickly).
- Reduced size of "item value" display window in the inventory (it now only shows sell prices).


Hi, I really enjoy your mod. To me, it's not a mod, but the only easy way of playing this game on Windows 7+. Thanks a lot for the huge amount of effort yoiu have put into this!

I am a native english speaker and would volunteer to take a look at all the texts in the game if you like. It would be an honor to contribute to this awesome project :)


@Cerd,thanks for info. I will fix it today later.

The link for version 6.9b is broken (dropbox denied my download request).

Noktis, homes you is the shit ma bro!!! Best Diablo mod ever... Best part is you is not only keeping Diablo alive but is also improving the shit out of it. Keep up the grizzle nizzle and frizzle your dizzle with the Noktis shizzle!!! 420 more years awake development!

Zauważ że Vardi wciąż ma głos Ogdena, a jego nowe kwestie nie posiadają żadnego głosu. Trolin to wciąż Wirt, no i to jest trochę słabe. W ogóle za Wirta/Trolina będzie prawdopodobnie Gheed z d2, z którym nie będzie się dało zbytnio pogadać.

Przywrócenie NPC? Mnie na początku raziły te postacie z D2, ale później stały się charakterystyczne dla tego moda i bez nich będzie dziwnie. Ale to moje wrażenia i nie wiem jakie dokładnie inni mają.

Na razie nie została ustalona data premiery v7.0. Możliwe że od czasu do czasu pojawi się patch dodający zmiany. Teraz w planie jest przywrócenie starych NPC oraz oryginalnej fabuły gry (chociaż nie do końca).

Wiadomo kiedy pojawi się v7.0 tak szacunkowo?

@Nattefrost i don't know native english speakers :) Anyway i will change many things in version 7.0

Tried this in hope of getting a fresh take on Diablo, I was quite intrigued by the conversion aspect of the mod. Boy was I misled.

While I appreciate a challenge when playing games, this is ridiculously hard to the point where there is no balancing. It might be more forgiving for a warrior, but I highly doubt it.

Going into cathedral as sorcerer I was immediately swarmed by 15-20 mobs - how the hell am I supposed to deal with that when all I get are two lousy mana pots, a shitty staff with holy bolt and no way of recharging mana in Tristram?

And to make it even worse, I lose my staff when I die so respawning is a total reset without any real chance of getting back into the game. Is this your idea of fun gameplay? This might appeal for those with an insatiable appetite for punishment, as it has nothing to do with skills.

Also, your intro sucks (zzzz, cliché), the menu music sucks (I get it, you like Final Fantasy) and you've completely destroyed the great atmosphere in Tristram by removing the original NPCs and replacing them with Diablo 2 NPCs with dialogues that are ridden with poor grammar and spelling errors (then, wolrd, etc.) - goddamnit, you've destroyed any immersion that might have been present with your half-assed attempt to provide the game with more context to the story. And, why, WHY - couldn't you get a native english speaker to correct spelling?

Word of advice to anyone who wants to try this out - don't. Beelzebub is a million times better.

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