Diablo 1

About Items

As you explore the world of Diablo you will encounter many items that can aid you in your expeditions. Items can be examined by picking them up and highlighting them in your inventory. A description of the item will appear in the Description Box at the bottom of the Interface Bar.

By using precious metals, magical gems, and eldritch symbols, many items can be magically enhanced. Any enchanted items that your character discovers will have their descriptions displayed in blue. While your character can sense the unnatural nature of the treasure by its appearance and magical aura, he or she will need to have it magically identified before these abilities make themselves known.

Items which have their name and description displayed in gold are unique items and are treasures of legendary power. Although your character may recognize the artifact from stories and myths, he or she will still need to identify it to discover the truth behind its reputation.

Many items require that your character meet certain Attribute minimums to be used effectively. A war maul, for instance, can only be used by extremely strong heroes. Very powerful scrolls and books can only be understood by those with the highest magical abilities. If your character does not meet the requirements to use an item, that item will appear in red when picked up or carried.


Over time, weapons and armor wear down until they eventually break. Equipment found in the labyrinth is almost always worn by time and improper care. A gold silhouette of the worn equipment will appear in the corner of the Play Area when it is close to breaking. The silhouette will turn red just before the item is completely destroyed.

durability warring
Low durability icons

Warriors can perform quick repairs on their equipment, but this inevitably lowers the items’ quality over time. A good blacksmith can repair equipment without lowering its long term effectiveness, for a price. Enchanted weapons and armor must be repaired by using the same precious metals and gems that were used during its construction, and can be expensive to have repaired.