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Add-ons for Diablo

There were a few unofiicial add-ons released for Diablo, which usually included already edited characters, cheating tools that allow to get all spells, changing statistics of the characters, items, and so on. On the CDs with the add-ons there usually were guide for the game and useful programs used to create character back-ups. However, usually the content of such add-ons was usually cheats and hacks. Below I described add-ons that I don't have much information about, so if someone has the add-ons below please contact me to fill in the missing information about these products.

Extraportion! 10: Add Ons für Diablo

Extraportion! is an unofficial add-on pack for Diablo 1 releaed in 1997 by Prism Leisure Tonträgervertriebs Gesellschaft mbH.

Extraportion! 10: Add Ons für Diablo
Extraportion! Add-ons für Diablo
Extraportion! CD
Extraportion! CD-ROM

Executioner II

Executioner II is an unofficial add-on pack which includes new pregenerated characters and utilities for Diablo.

Executioner II for Diablo
Executioner 2

Complete Unofficial Diablo Collection

This add-on pack includes:

  • Weapons/SPells Lists.
  • Strategy Guide.
  • Special Items
  • Character Buckup.
  • Anti-Cheat.
  • New Hidden Monsters.
  • Game Editors.
  • Shrine Compedium.
  • Guide to Quests.
  • Utlities & Tools.
Complete Unofficial Diablo Collection
Complete Unofficial Diablo Collection