Diablo 1


Command.txt - it’s a file for Diablo Hellfire, which needs to be placed in main Hellfire folder to get new quests, NPCs and Characters.

So then you need to create a file named "command.txt" and then copy it into Diablo Hellfire folder. You need to write the following line in the file:



  • cowquest - new quest - Lester The farmer is being replaced by Complete Nut who gives you the quest The Jersey’s Jersey.
  • theoquest - new quest - Little Girl which is given by new NPC - Celia.
  • bardtest - new character - Bard (120 strength, magic, dexterity and 100 vitality)
  • barbariantest - new character - Barbarian (255 strenght, 0 magic, 40 dexterity, 150 vitality)
  • nestart - alternative colour pallet for Hive location
  • multitest - activated multiplayer mode - useless in patch 1.01. To activate multiplayer you need to modify file hellfrui.dll or load a special patch which will modify the file automatically.

You can get the command.txt file here.