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Diabolic - add-ons for Diablo 1

Diabolic is an unofficial add-on for Diablo 1 released in 1997 by TLC Tewi Verlag GmbH.  The add-on, as other similar add-ons of this type, included itemsand tools for editing characters and items as well as informations and descriptions of attributes, shrines and items.


Mandatory for every Diablo player. On this CD you will find all you need to survive in the dark Dungeons: tens of new items such as Sword of Death. This sword will teach every enemy what fear is. If you chracter has become a bit weaker – it is not a problem: using the Character Editor you can modify the character’s statistics and also weapons, amulets, armors and rings. You will find WHAT you need on this CD. And if you don’t know what will happen after finding a shrine or encoutering a monster you can find all this information in our documentation.

  • Over 500 items
    All that is required to survive in the dungeons, for example unique items such as rings and amulets
  • New weapons, amuleta, rings and armors
    Tens of new items (such as Sword of Death)
  • Character Editor
    Modify character statistics
  • Items Editor
    Create new weapons, amulets, armor, rings or modify the existing ones
  • Programs and tool
    Tens of tool providing even more interesting game
  • Documentation
    Description of shrines, monsters, items and attributes
Diabolic CD
Diabolic CD