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"But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts
Benighted, walks under the mid-day sun
Himself is his own dungeon…"
-John Milton

Very few creatures in the labyrinth can be reasoned with, and only a fool or a very powerful sorcerer would dare enter the confines of the church without a sturdy weapon in hand. It is rumored that there are many enchanted weapons buried beneath the church, remnants of the Horadrim’s war against the Three.

The sword is the epitome of the warrior’s weapon. Forged in fire and tempered to a fine edge, a good blade can cut through armor or a demon’s thick hide with equal ease. Some warrior clans of Khanduras go so far as to forsake any other weapon besides a sword, and abandon the use of a shield in favor of greatswords that stand the full height of a man.

Khanduras Swords
Swords in Khanduras

Axes are favored by those who are willing to sacrifice defense for power. In addition to being slower than other weapons, even the smallest combat axe requires two hands be free to wield properly, precluding the use of a shield. However, no other mundane item can match the damage of a good axe. Legends speak of enchanted axes capable of slicing through flesh and steel as if through butter.

Khanduras Axes
Axes in Khanduras

Maces and Clubs
Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. Whether it be a stout piece of wood or a spiked mace, a good clubbing weapon can be deadly in the hands of a strong warrior. The minions of a Mephisto — the undead — said to have an especially difficult time resisting the effects of broken bones and shattered limbs.

Khanduras Clubs
Maces in Khanduras

The art of staff fighting has never gained much acceptance in Khanduras, but long ago the Brotherhood of Vizjerei discovered ways to use a simple wooden staff as a container for focused magical energy. The process of creating a spell staff is very time consuming, but even an apprentice Vizjerei can recharge a staff by channeling magical energy into it. Spell staves may be used to cast spells that the wielder does not yet know, and that do not require the expenditure of mana. The staff must be wielded in order to use the spell it contains.

Oddly enough, the act of infusing a staff with sorceries seems to grant the staff a will of its own. Only those skilled in the arts of magic can hope to control very powerful spell staves. It is also possible to find staves that have been further enchanted to make them more effective in combat or to grant other abilities to the wielder.

To prepare a spell from a staff, use the Speedbook to ready the spell. Spells from staves will appear on an orange background. To cast the spell right-click on the spell's target.

Khanduras Staffs
Staves in Khanduras

Bows are excellent weapons for those who to prefer to strike at their foes from a distance. The greatest archers in the world are the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. They are trained in the use of every instrument of archery, from the short bows used by the Horsemen of the Kataan Steppes to the great war bows of the Northern Tribes. Even the most skilled of the Sisters, however, knows that a bow is no match for a sword or other weapon if the fighting should come to close quarters.

Note: Holding down the Shift key while attacking with a bow will prevent your character from moving closer to his or her target.

Khanduras Bows
Bows in Khanduras

Good armor is essential if you wish to survive the attacks of the creatures lurking in the labyrinth. Even a simple leather jerkin or thick cloak can help to turn aside a weapon’s edge or a demon’s claws and prevent the wearer from being mortally wounded. There are three general classifications of armor.

Light Armor
Light armor ranges from simple clothing, such as robes and cloaks, to hardened leather armor. Even tossed aside rags will provide some protection. Although armor of this type offers minimal protection from most attacks, it is very lightweight and inexpensive to repair.

Khanduras light armor
Light Armor in Khanduras

Medium Armor
This category includes basic metal armor, such as chain mail and ring mail. In general, armors of this type provide good protection from physical attacks, but are heavy enough that only athletic characters can wear them comfortably.

Khanduras medium armor
Medium Armor in Khanduras

Heavy Armor
Most heavy armor consists of solid metal plates over a chain mesh. The extent of the plate coverage determines the exact type of armor. Field plate, for instance, covers only the torso and arms with solid plates to provide maximum mobility. Only the strongest heroes can wear heavy armor, and it is very expensive to repair. Plate armor does provide the highest protection possible from physical attacks, and enchanted plate armor can make a warrior nearly unstoppable.

Khanduras heavy armor
Heavy Armor in Khanduras

Even a simple leather cap can spell the difference between life and death, and it is a good idea to use the best helmet that you can afford. Many members of the Horadrim wore crowns of unearthly metals to reflect their status, and often these crowns were enchanted for superior protection.

Khanduras Helmets
Helmets in Khanduras

Shields are extremely popular as both a means of defense and decoration. Your character will automatically attempt to block any incoming blows with his or her shield, and in times of desperation it can even be used as a bashing weapon. Bows, axes, staves, and other two-handed weapons cannot be used in conjunction with a shield.

Khanduras Shields
Shields in Khanduras

Precious gems and metals make excellent foci for magical enchantments. Although most of the knowledge of creating such talismans has been either been long lost or is jealously guarded by the Eastern mage clans, rings and amulets of power may still be discovered. The primary drawback of enchanted jewelry is that multiple pieces seem to interfere with each other. For this reason, only one ring may be worn on each hand, and but one amulet may be worn about the neck. The greatest advantage of rings and amulets is that they are nearly impossible to strike in combat, and as such do not need to be repaired or maintained as armor does.

Khanduras jewelry
Jewelry in Khanduras

One form of magic that is still strong in the West is the brewing of elixirs that can have a variety of beneficial effects on the imbiber. By far the most common of these draughts are healing potions, which can instantly mend torn flesh and knit broken bone back together. Mana potions are infused with raw magical energy to restore the abilities of spell casters that have expended their power. The old church is sure to have a strong supply of both types of potions, as the clergy used them to care for the sick and wounded. Locals skilled in herbcraft may also be able to supply your character with potions, for the right price. It’s known that the greatest of the Horadrim alchemists created strange concoctions that permanently affected the drinker.

To drink a potion, right-click on it when it is on your belt or in your backpack. You can also use the potion’s hotkey if it is on your character’s belt.

Khanduras potions
Potions in Khanduras

By carefully preparing special parchment with magical inks, a focus for spells can be created. Such magical scrolls provide the reader with the ability to cast a spell that they normally may not know, without expending any mana. Very powerful spells cannot be used by the untrained, however, for the cryptic symbols upon them are difficult to comprehend. The act of casting the spell drains the scroll of all magical power and causes the parchment to crumble to dust instantly.

To cast a spell from a scroll, either right-click on a scroll that your character is carrying, or use the Speedbook to prepare the spell. Spells from scrolls will appear on a red background.

Khanduras Scrolls
Scrolls in Khanduras

DMore valuable than gold to any sorcerer, books may contain clues to quests, spell formulas, or other pieces of knowledge. The time of the Horadrim is considered to be the greatest age of magic, when untold discoveries in the arcane arts were made. These powerful mystics used every ounce of power at their command to preserve humanity. Although the Eastern mage-clans keep watch over vast libraries of magical tomes, it is suspected that a great part of this knowledge was lost when the last of the Horadrim died. There may be lost works beneath the church that could bring some of these ancient magics to light...

You can discover a book’s contents by left-clicking on it when your character discovers it. Books that contain spell formulas can be carried by your character to trade - or to study. Rightclicking on such books will increase your ability with a specific spell. No single book can teach your character all that there is to know about a spell, however. The more books that your character reads on a specific spell, the greater his or her ability with spell will become. Mastering a spell requires intimate knowledge of the ways of magic, This is reflected by an increasing magic requirement to memorize the spell.

Khanduras Books
Books in Khanduras

During the long reign of peace that existed in Khanduras most towns and cities agreed upon a standard gold coin to use in trade. The Church of Zakarum has tried to have its own currency accepted as the new standard, but so far it has gained little acceptance. Although it would seem that the minions of the Three would have no use for gold coins, many demons hoard all the wealth that they can find.

To drop a specific number of coins, right-click on gold in your character’s inventory. Type in the amount of gold that you wish your character to drop, and press the Enter key.f

Khanduras Gold
Gold in Khanduras

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