Diablo 1

Level Master IV

Level Master IV
Unofficial Product for Diablo

Level Master IV is an unofficial product for Diablo 1 released in 1997 by Macmillan Digital Publishing. The product included extensive stategy guide for the game in HTML written by Bob Smyk, a program to create character back up copies and a few more useful tools.

Level Master IV
Level Master IV
Unofficial Product for Diablo
  • Shield your character against cheaters online.
  • View the best Ultimate Dungeon Dive contest respondents.
  • Strategies and hints to exorcise the demon Diablo in record time.
Everything you need to exorcise the Demon Diablo in record time!
On the Level Master IV for Diablo CD-ROM you will find...
  • Learn the tricks to complete your single-player quest.
  • Information for playing Diablo online.
  • Utilities to aid your way through the original game.
  • The best entries from the Diablo Ultimate Dungeon Dive contest.
Diablo - Level Master IV
Diablo: Level Master IV | Front
Within this CD-ROM you will find:
  • Detailed information on weapons, armor, spells, and monsters.
  • Everything needed to start playing online immediately.
  • Information on the different places to play online.
  • How to defend yourself against online cheaters.
  • Information on Quests and how to solve them.
  • Strategies for defeating key villans and monsters.
  • Player Backup to protect your online character against accidental destruction.
  • Where to find up-to-date information on Diablo online.
Level Master IV CD
Level Master IV | CD