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Other Items

Below are potions, elixirs, oils, runes and other items available in Diablo Hellfire.

Image Name qlvl Price Effect
Potion of Healing Potion of Healing 1 50 Restores some hit points.
Potion of Full Healing Potion of Full Healing 1 150 Fully restores hit points.
Potion of Mana Potion of Mana 1 50 Restores some mana points.
Potion of Full Mana Potion of Full Mana 1 150 Fully restores mana points.
Potion of Rejuvenation Potion of Rejuvenation 3 120 Restores some hit points and mana points.
Potion of Full Rejuvenation Potion of Full Rejuvenation 7 600 Fully restores hit points and mana.

To drink a potion, right-click on it ( Both when placed on the belt or in inventory). If you have it on the belt, you can also use an assigned key.

Image Name qlvl Price Effect
Elixir of Dexterity Elixir of Dexterity 15 5000 Permanently increases dexterity by 1 point.
Elixir of Strength Elixir of Strength 15 5000 Permanently increases strengh by 1 point.
Elixir of Magic Elixir of Magic 15 5000 Permanently increases magic by 1 point.
Elixir of Vitality Elixir of Vitality 20 5000 Permanently increases vitality by 1 point.

To drink an elixir, right-click on it ( Both when placed on the belt or in inventory). If you have it on the belt, you can also use an assigned key.

Image Name qlvl Price Effect
Blacksmith Oil Blacksmith Oil 1 100 Restores 20% of hit points or increases maximum hit points by 1.
Oil of Accuracy Oil of Accuracy 1 500 Adds 1-2% to "To Hit".
Oil of Death Oil of Death 1 2500 Adds 1 to minimum and 2 do maximum damage.
Oil of Fortitude Oil of Fortitude 5 2500 Adds 10-50 to maximum and current hit points.
Oil of Hardening Oil of Hardening 1 2500 Adds 1-2 to Armour Class.
Oil of Imperviousness Oil of Imperviousness 10 2500 Adds 3-5 to Armour Class.
Oil of Mastery Oil of Mastery 10 2500 Adds 3-5% to "To Hit".
Oil of Permanence Oil of Permanence 17 15000 Makes an item indestructible.
Oil of Sharpness Oil of Sharpness 1 500 Adds 1 to maximum damage.
Oil of Skill Oil of Skill 4 1500 Lowers armour or weapon requirements.

Oils are potions that were introduced in the expansion set for Diablo - Hellfire.

To use an oil, right-click on it and then left-click on an item in the inventory.

Image Name qlvl Price Effect Requirements
Rune of Fire Rune of Fire 1 100 Casts a single square of fire. -
Greater Rune of Fire Greater Rune of Fire 7 400 Explodes with Immolation spell. 42 Magic
Rune of Lightning Rune of Lightning 3 200 Casts a single square of Fire Wall spell. 13 Magic
Greater Rune of Lightning Greater Rune of Lightning 7 500 Explodes with Nova spell. 42 Magic
Rune of Stone Rune of Stone 7 300 Casts Stone Curse spell. 25 Magic

Runes are item introduced in Diablo’s expansion Hellfire.


Magic BookMagic BookMagic BookScroll

Books & Scrolls:
Books and scrolls are items that contain various spells. They differ in that books allow us to permanently learn a spell while scrolls can only be used once and cannot be learned. Both books and scrolls disappear as soon as they have been read. Books can have different images and qlvl of 2, 8, 14 and 2-. Scrolls always look the same but their qlvl depends on what spell they contain.

After you find a book, you can read by right-clicking on ti. Books can contain spell formulas that allow you to learn them or sell them. Right-clicking on a book will increase the spell level of that spell. No single book can give you all knowledge of a spell, however, the more you read the better you will get at using a spell. Mastery of a spell requires excellent knowledge about all aspects of magic, so the requirements necessary to explore magic will continue to grow.

To cast a spell written on scrolls you can either right-click on it or use the shortened spell book. Scroll spells are displayed with red background.

More information on books and scrolls is available in Spells section.


small gold pilemedium gold pilebig gold pile

Gold is the payment method in the world of Khanduras. It can be obtained by selling items picked up in the dungeons. In addition, it can be dropped from monsters and you can find it in locked chests and sarcophaguses. Remember, higher difficulty level or more demanding enemy can influence how much gold will be dropped. Gold in inventory can take shape of small, medium or large pile. Small pile has 1-1000 gold pieces, medium 1001-2500 pieces of gold and the large one contains 2501-5000 gold.

To drop a certain amount of gold pieces, right-click on a pile and then enter the desired amount and press the Enter key.