Diablo 1

Other Unused Speeches

Adria's Tasks

The Device

I have a quest for you if you are brave enough to accept it. Great power can be found in some of the devices that may be hidden below the church. With the right ones, I could work wonders!

Remember, the right device in my hands can be quite powerful!

This is amazing! The mystic energies in this crystal are powerful but unfocused. If you could find me a specific staff to channel its power through...

The crystal holds a magic that is strong, but you need to find the correct staff with which to focus its energy.

Hand me that staff and stand back! Ve tate clorum andurium! *gasp/hiss* It is complete.

The Scrolls

It seems that there are many uses for the scrolls that are found beneath the church. I should be able to scribe a book of magic if I had enough of the proper scrolls to study.

Remember, with enough scrolls I can create a book of magic for you.

Yes, I can see that when I combine these scrolls just so... I will teach you what I have learned so that you will also know more secrets of this magic.

The Reagents

Hello good friend. I have been working on a means to increase the strength of my potions. I believe that I could brew better potions if you could just find me the correct reagents.

Remember, with the correct reagents my potions are more powerful.

Excellent! Just a pinch should do it. Ahh, here is a sample.

Gillian's Tasks

The Graveyard

My grandmother often tells me stories about the strange forces that inhabit the graveyard outside of the church, and it may well interest you to hear one of them. She said that if you were to leave the proper offering in the cemetery, enter the cathedral and pray for the dead, and then return, the offering would be altered in some strange way. I don't know if this is just the talk of an old, sick woman, but anything seems possible these days.

I know that my grandmother's stories seem strange, but the graveyard does have many mysteries surrounding it. It couldn't hurt you to put something there and see what happens, could it? Maybe you will find out something that will help us all.

The Beast

My grandmother had a dream about you last night. She said that in her dream you used your bare hands to defeat one of those foul monsters that lurk under the church. When it died, it exploded into fabulous treasure. Although she was a bit frightened by her dream, she was able to describe the beast quite clearly to me.

My grandmother had that exact same dream again. She said you were quite brave and seemed very pleased with your prize.

Griswold's Tasks

The Iron Figurine

Keep yer eyes open for a figurine made of iron. I have uncovered some old records concerning a specific type of figurine and the secrets of metalcrafting that it holds.

I know that the right figurine could be quite powerful. If ye see what I'm looking for, get it and bring it to me straight away.

*Griswold noise* The secrets of this metal are fantastic! Oh, how I could make the right item gleam with power.

If you deliver to me the right item so I can combine it with this metal, I could craft something worthy of the warriors of heaven!

Your efforts are not in vain. It seems that all is as I had hoped. I trust you will find this useful in your battles below.

An Enchanted Item

If you come across any enchanted equipment, I could try to learn how it was crafted and then use those methods for my own creations. *Griswold noise* I should probably start with somethin' easy.

I still think that I can strip the knowledge of enchantments if you bring me a certain item.

Thank you! Oh, great and mighty customer! - uhh - *Griswold noise* Champion! This will take some study... Done!

Stronger Armor

I'm workin' on a method for strengthening armor. Unfortunately, I don't have what I need just now. If you could possibly bring me what I require, the first one is yours.

I still think I can strengthen the right armor. You know what you need to bring me.

Good find! See if this works any better for you!

Improved Weapon

I believe that I may have found a way to greatly improve some weapons. If you can bring me what I need, I'd be willing to try out my idea, and if it works, it's yours!

*Griswold noise* I still think I could improve the right weapon.

Let me just do this, and this, annnnd this. *Griswold noise* It works! Take this back, and give it a try.

The Caravan's Goods

I'm in luck! A caravan has stopped just outside the village, and is taking supplies to the lands of the East. Certain items will bring a special price, if you can get them for me.

We can both turn a nice profit if you can deliver the right goods to me. What do ya say?

*Griswold noise* You're just in time, the caravan is leavin' tonight. Here is your cut, friend.

Ogden's Tasks

The Locked Chest

Good master, a moment of your time please. My tavern was broken into during the night. No one was hurt, but many items were stolen, including a chest belonging to a mysterious wanderer who once stayed here. I found the body of a thief near the cathedral with tell-tale wounds from one of the creatures below marking his broken body. Some of the stolen goods were near the body, but the chest - and the key to open it - were nowhere in sight. If you should find those keys while on your brave crusade, you should recover them. Then, if you find the chest, you can open it and see what it contains. Perhaps it will be something that can help you on your quests.

Remember good master, the chest is locked and is useless without the key. If you do find the chest and get the key, you should see what's inside. I don't expect the owner back here again.

I see that you have found the key. Now you just need to find the chest that it belongs to.

The Rampaging Demon

While I understand that your purpose may be of a higher calling, surely some well-earned gold would be welcome. Some townspeople from a nearby village have offered a reward for the destruction of a creature that razed their homes and property. They demand positive proof that the creature has been slain, and I can only think of one way to do that.

You can say whatever you want, but without proof I cannot give you the reward.

(Disgusted) OH! Disgusting! But certainly proof enough for anyone. Here's your reward as promised.

Discovering a Unique Weapon

You brave tales of fighting demons have reminded me of something, good master. A traveler passed through here some time ago. He was quite proud of a very unique weapon he held, and while becoming quite drunk, boasted of its power. I never saw him again, and I suspect that he venturer too close to the cathedral.

Have you ever seen that traveler I told you about, the one with the enchanted weapon? Well, I suppose if he left our village as so many others have, or he must be dead.

Yes, that is certainly the weapon that he wore. You know, I've been thinking about something else that traveler he said. He inferred that the true powers of the weapon would be unleashed only when it tasted the blood of a very specific kind of creature.

Where the stories the traveler told us true? Oh, I see you haven't found out yet. Well, I clearly recall he said that by slaying a certain monster, the weapon you found would become quite special.

Pepin's Tasks

Clearwater Elixir

I know that I ask much of you, but I must now ask that you find a pool of clear water. Take these containers, fill them, and return them to me as soon as you can. With the Clearwater I can create an elixir of wondrous power that will benefit us all.

Have you brought what I need? The Clearwater will allow me to create a very powerful elixir. Fill the containers that I gave you and return with them.

Very good, my friend, very good! Just give me a minute to mix these ingredients... Perfect! Here is some of the elixir as promised.

The Antidote

Once again I require you strong arm and quick wits to aid the people of this town. I am in need of certain reagents to help fight the plagues that the demons have released on this land by their very presence. If you can gather these few items, it will save many lives.

The disease has spread quickly and many are dying. Please, help me by finding the reagents so I can use them to make an antidote.

Thank you so much! You bring hope and light to these dark and troubled times. I wish for you to have this in the hopes that it will aid you in your battle against the darkness.

The Town Demon

My friend, I must speak with you. While going to help a sick villager, I came upon a demon in the town. I fled from the house and accidentally left the door open in my haste. I pray the vile creature is still in there. Please, help us before it comes for us all.

These creatures must be banished from our town! To my shame I left the door open, but that should make it all the easier for you to find the house.

Once again the town is in your debt. It is only your strength and force of will that can lead us out of this evil time.

Wirt's Tasks

The Strange Book

Hey you! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! I, uh, acquired this strange book. I know it must do something big, but you need a crystal eyepiece to read it so it's useless to me. However, I would be willing to trade you this rare and mystical tome for just a few things.

Look, this very special book that I have can be yours for so little! (Whisper) Don't tell anyone what a deal I'm giving you or it could ruin my reputation!

Amazing! You actually found everything I wanted! Well, here's the book, but you're going to have to find a crystal eyepiece to read it. Gooood luck!

The Sale

Psst, over here! I have something very special for sale today. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I can just tell that it's great. I'm gonna offer you a bargain: 1000 gold takes it, right now, no questions, and no returns.

Running Errands

Look, I know my prices are high, but one of my contacts had an... accident. And I need some help refilling my more mundane inventory. I'll trade you a quality item if you can just complete this little list for me.

Listen, I'll make it worth your time if you will get me what I asked you for. Besides, you know you wanna find out what I'm going to give you in return.

Thanks, this should hold me over until I can find a new errand boy. Too bad you're so busy. Oh yeah, here's your part of the bargain.

About Tremain


All I can do now is pray for us all.


Tremain is an occasional visitor to our town, and seems to have little problem coming and going. It is strange how at times anyone that tries to leave Tristram is hunted down and slain by the cloaked rides, and at other times it is a simple matter to leave. I think that it is that uncertain fear that keeps some of us here. But we are glad for Tremain's bravery and luck in keeping some contact with the rest of the kingdom.


Faith is absolute belief in the unseen. The priest Tremain is from a holy order long asleep in this land. He keeps a promise and a charge issued ages ago and sustains a union with realms that even my vision cannot reach. He knows much, but not as much as he believes.


I haven't ever see a priest around here. If I did I'd kick him right in the *BBBBUUURRRPPP* Can't even keep a church free of those Hell spawn - bastards. What good are they, those holy men? Liars! Liars!


His Holiness is a wondrous man of great knowledge and understanding. He has shown me many cures for rare and deadly diseases. He brings me books and reagents for my work whenever he can. But I fear that he may some day take on a task that is too great even for him.


The priest Tremain. *Griswold Noise* He's a solitary fellow who has no time for most of us. He seems to prefer the company of Pepin or Cain. Ah, that's fine by me. I respect his passion and his commitment to his order, but I've no time for his prattling.


I really don't know much about the priest Tremain. He never visits the tavern, preferring to keep to the company of Pepin and Cain. Perhaps it is because they, too, have more scholarly pursuits.


The priest Tremain is a bit of a mystery. He certainly never stays here, and he often comes and goes to many of the nearby towns.


Yeah, Tremain. He gets around, doesn't he? Or haven't you heard? My friends in some of the other towns say that he passes through. Picking up some books here, a pinch of bat claw there. Never seems to have the kind of problems most do getting in and out of Tristram, that's for sure.


The Wounded Townsman

Wounded Townsman

Please help...! I barely escaped from...
the Butcher...! He killed... my wife... my
children! I beg of you... in the name of
God... avenge them...


".........." The man's body appears to be twisted in agony!.


The once proud Iswall is trapped deep beneath the surface of this world. His honor stripped and his visage altered. He is trapped in immortal torment. Charged to conceal the very thing that could free him.

Cloudy and cooler today. Casting the nets of necromancy across the void landed two new subspecies of flying horror a good day's work. Must remember to order some more bat guano and black candles from Adria. I'm running a bit low.