Diablo 1


Poniżej została przedstawiona linia czasu w Świecie Diablo, czyli chronologia wydarzeń, które nastąpiły w Świecie Sanktuarium. Można powiedzieć, że występują dwie linie czasu - linia czasu Diablo 1 i linia czasu Diablo 2 - lekko różniące się między sobą. Linia czasu Diablo 1 rozpoczyna się od "Początku" do 1250 roku i kończy na wydarzeniach, które nastąpiły w Diablo 1. Natomiast linia czasu Diablo 2 rozpoczyna się od około 700 roku i kończy na wydarzeniach które nastąpiły w Diablo 2.

DIABLO 1 TIMELINE (alternative)

Aeons ago The Beginning: The Great Conflict..

  • -990 Izual attacks Hellforge and falls to the dark hordes of chaos.
  • -985 The dark demon blade Shadowfang is created.
  • -490 The rise of Man.
  • -480 The Sin War begins.
  • -40 Inarius descends to the mortal realm and begins to construct his cathedral.
  • -30 Inarius lays siege to and destroys the infernal temple of Mephisto.
  • -25 The forces of Mephisto defeat Inarius and his followers, laying waste to the cathedral and surrounding countryside.
  • -10 The mage-clans of the East begin to form.
  • 1 The Vizjerei become the largest and most powerful of the clans. Other major clans are the Ennead and the Ammit.
  • 240 Horazon and Bartuc rise to the fore in the Vizjerei mage-clan.
  • 250 Bartuc turns against the Vizjerei, becoming known as the Warlord of Blood.
  • 510 The Dark Exile begins with the overthrow of the Three.
  • 515 The Three cause strife and chaos in the Mortal Realm. Ravaging of the East for centuries.
  • 520 Civil war in Hell.
  • 1005 The three soul-stones meant to imprison the prime Evils are given to members of the eastern mage-clans.
  • 1010 The Horadrim Order unites wizards from the many mage-clans.
  • 1025(?) Mephisto and Baal captured in soul-stones and buried beneath the desert.
  • 1025 The Horadrim pursue Diablo into the West.
  • 1050 Baal is imprisoned with Tal Rasha.
  • 1100 Jered Cain’s Horadrim troupe captures Diablo in Khanduras.
  • 1120 The Horadrim dwindle in numbers.
  • 1140 The Horadrim begin to fragment back into individual mage-clans. There is feuding and bitter rivalry among the clans.
  • 1145 Mephisto relocates to the Eastern Capitol.
  • 1180 The rise of the Western Empire of Westmarch.
  • 1230 Zakarum, the Religion of the Light takes hold in the West.
  • 1240 Leoric becomes King of Khanduras.
  • 1245 Leoric and Lazarus use decrepit Horadrim monastery at Tristram as HQ. Lazarus’ will is dominated by Diablo: Lazarus releases Diablo from the Soulstone.
  • 1246 Albrecht becomes the physical focus and incarnation of Diablo’s power. War between Westmarch and Khanduras breaks Leoric’s army. Lachdanan revolts against Leoric.
  • 1250 Diablo is 'defeated' by a great hero beneath Tristram, and the hero sets off for the East.


App. 700 | (964)
Led by Azmodan and Belial, many of the Hells' lesser demons rise up against the Prime Evils in a rebellion that culminates in the Dark Exile. Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal are exiled to Sanctuary from the Burning Hells.

897 | (App. 1004)
The archangel Tyrael gathers together mortal heroes to create the Horadrim. He bestows the Soulstones upon them and tasks them with tracking down and imprisoning the Prime Evils.

Timeline Tyrael

902 | (1009)
Mephisto is captured near the jungles of Kehjistan and imprisoned under a Zakarum temple in what will eventually become Kurast.

903 | (1010)
Baal is tracked to the desert near Lut Gholein. Tal Rasha, the leader of the Horadrim, sacrifices himself to capture Baal in a damaged Soulstone.

Timeline Baal

912 | (1019)
Diablo is finally captured by a group of Horadrim monks led by Jered Cain. The monks bury Diablo's Soulstone near the river Talsande in Khanduras, and a Horadric monastery with a network of catacombs is built over the burial spot.

918 | (1025)
The town of Tristram is established around the Horadric monastery.

Timeline Tristram

App. 1080
The Horadric monastery in Tristram is abandoned.

App. 1100
The Horadrim, with no quests left to undertake, fade into history and legend.

The eastern lord Leoric comes to Tristram, declares himself its king, and converts the old, long-unused Horadric monastery to a Zakarum cathedral. His advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, secretly releases Diablo from imprisonment.

Timeline Lazarus

King Leoric descends into madness as he valiantly struggles to resist Diablo's possession.

Increasingly deranged, King Leoric begins imprisoning all who question his authority and executing them as traitors. He declares war on the kingdom of Westmarch.

Under Diablo's influence, Archbishop Lazarus kidnaps King Leoric's only son, Prince Albrecht. The terrified child is possessed by Diablo.

Lachdanan, captain of King Leoric's army, returns from the disastrous war with Westmarch and is forced to kill Leoric. The fallen monarch curses Lachdanan and his followers with his dying breath. Not long afterward, Lachdanan and the king's guards are attacked by Leoric, resurrected as the Skeleton King, as they attempt to bury him.

Archbishop Lazarus leads a group of villagers into the cathedral and abandons them to a bloodthirsty butcher demon. People begin fleeing Tristram in droves.

Timeline Butcher

A lone hero arrives in Tristram and defeats the bloated, fetid butcher demon.

The hero kills Archbishop Lazarus and defeats the Skeleton King.

Diablo is defeated by the hero, who then tries to contain Diablo within himself. Despite the hero's noble intentions, his valiant spirit quickly succumbs to Diablo's corruption. He becomes the Dark Wanderer, leaving Tristram behind shortly before legions of foul demons attack and destroy the town and its inhabitants.

A group of heroes begins a quest to defeat Diablo and his brothers. The heroes defeat the demoness Andariel and journey east, following the Wanderer.

Timeline Heroes

The demon lord Duriel is defeated within the tomb of Tal Rasha; it is discovered that Baal is already free from his Soulstone.

The Dark Wanderer completes his transformation into Diablo; Mephisto is destroyed beneath the jungles of Kurast by the band of heroes.

Diablo is defeated. His Soulstone is destroyed, along with Mephisto's, upon the Hellforge.

Baal and his army march on Mount Arreat.

Timeline Baal

The angel Tyrael discovers that Baal has succeeded in corrupting the Worldstone housed within Mount Arreat. Realizing that the Worldstone cannot be restored, Tyrael reluctantly destroys it. The resulting explosion destroys Mount Arreat, ravages much of the countryside, and decimates Baal's army.

Timeline Worldstone

1286 - Diablo 3?