Diablo 1

The Green Portal

The Resource Toolkit For Diablo

Green Portal

The Green Portal is an unoffical toolkit suite for Diablo 1 which allow character profile and equipment modifications. The suite, among other things, includes trainers to modify character statistics, equipment, profile and to load all sort of cheats. The CD also featured a guide to Diablo in HTML format. The guide included items statistics,, shrines, spells, etc.

The Green Portal CD contains the following features:

  • Character Backup
  • MultiMedia Guide to Diablo
  • Townkill Patch
  • Character Name Change
  • Dr. Diablo
  • Trainer 5.4
  • Item Editor
  • Player Profiles
  • Cheats
  • Spells
  • plus much, much more.
Diablo Green Portal
The Green Portal

Have you ever played a game where you just can’t seem to get ahead? Have you ever said to yourself, “if only I had …”? Ever wondered who’s playing naughty or nice??? Well here’s your chance to fulfill all of those pondering thoughts, and then some. THE GREEN PORTAL is the unofficial Resource Tool Kit for DIABLO. The best selling Role-playing game on the market today. Inside you’ll find editors to enhance gold, weapons, powers, spells, and more. Edit characters by changing their names and stats. Ever spent hours loading up a character’s inventory and profile only to lose it due to system failure? Now you can save and restore those priceless beings with a backup feature. Introducing the exclusive GREEN PORTAL HELP GUIDE.

This HTML help file has it all. Don’t know which axe would be right for you? How about which spell will have the greatest effect? GREEN PORTAL HELP GUIDE is an exclusive program that details the stats of every weapon, spell, shield, and character in DIABLO. And best of all it’s right on-line with you so you can see all the information live and in color when you need it the most. What to get right into the thick of the fight and not worry about gathering all of the proper necessities? We have the exclusive solution for your choosing, fully loaded, armored, and ready to go. Packed with these fantastic plug-in utilities and more, THE GREEN PORTAL is guaranteed to give even beginning players that expert gamer’s edge.


  • EXCLUSIVE GREEN PORTAL HELP GUIDE – lookup values, strengths, and points for weapons, spells armor and more.
  • EXCLUSIVE GREEN PORTAL CHARACTER PROFILES – Dozens of profiles generated from only the most accomplished characters.
  • BACKUP UTILITIES – How you can save your best forces to do battle with.
  • TRAINER V5.4 – Increase gold, stats, spells, and more. Includes features to save your characters and even editing codes to create your own features.
Green Portal box
The Green Portal Box