Diablo 1

Unearthed Arsenal

Unearthed Arsenal is an unauthorised addon for Diablo released and developed by Micro Star Software. The addon has been annoced in March 1997 and was to include new weapons, character classes and a tool for expanding Diablo 1.

Unearthed Arsenal
Unearthed Arsenal

The main feature of Unearthed Arsenal was hacking tools to allow editing of statistics and character abilities. Character classes that the expansion included were not new but merely modified saves of the existing ones. Elements of this content were to diversify the gameplay for players that did not have internet access and access to multiplayer game mode at that time.

What's interesting is that Micro Star has also released unauthorised addon Stellar Forces for StarCraft, a real-time strategy game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Chris Canton, Director of Technology and Business Affairs and Producer of Unearthed Arsenal said:

Elements of Unearthed Arsenal are intended to enhance the gaming experience for players who don’t have Internet access for local network, multi-player game interaction. It’s intended for gamers who want to take on God-like powers from ancient mythology and play Diablo in single-player mode on a console. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it provides players with access to powers, weapons and levels they can’t experience otherwise. But, I want to reiterate, the new characters included in Unearthed Arsenal are not authorized for multi-player gaming, especially on Battle.net, and are provided as an expansion of game play for the individual user experience.

Unearthed Arsenal CD Disc

Above is the reconstruction by me of the look of the expansion pack’s CD

Throughout this time of darkness, people have prayed that the Gods of Light would come to their aid. But the Forces of Evil were unstoppable as they pillaged the earth and enslaved innocent people to serve dark master.

Just when all seemed lost a rag tag group of adventures discovered the Unearthed Arsenal. Summoning the greatest Heroes and Gods from Greek, Norse, Egiptian, Celtic, Babylonian, Indian, Arthurian and Japanese mythology. You can command these gods as they overwhelm the legions of darkness.

Unearthed Box
  • Rule the Diablo universe with God-like characters
  • Explore deep into the lower levels and reek havoc on the beast
  • Discover secret items and weapons of magic
  • Dominate multi-player games
  • Back up your characters or transfer them to other computers
  • PC CD ROM WIN 95
Unearthed Arsenal Box Front
Unearthed Arsenal Box | Front
Unearthed Arsenal Box Back
Unearthed Arsenal Box | Back
Unearthed Arsenal Box Inside
Unearthed Arsenal Box | Opend

Unearthed Arsenal Front
Unearthed Arsenal Front
Unearthed Arsenal Back
Unearthed Arsenal | Back
Unearthed Arsenal CD Disc
Unearthed Arsenal CD

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