Diablo 1

Removed Monsters

In diabdat.mpq arhchive there are graphics for monsters that cannot be found in the game. In the code of the game there also are monsters which never appear in the game. In total, we will never meet 41 monsters. After analysing diabdat.mpq file and the code of the game I creates Unused monsters section in which I presented all monsters which exists within code for the game but we never meet.


Unused Speecheas

Initially Diablo was meant to feature much more quests but for certain reasons they were not included in the game. In the diabdat.mpq archive, located on the CD with the game, there is left a lot of unused sound files. These files have been analysed and all deleted quests from the game have been recreated. I added section Unused Dialogues in which unused texts from the quests and other removed dialogues from the game can be found.


New section - Books

I added new section - "Books" featuring items related to Diablo and world of Sanctuary, Currently there are 18 books about Diablo, such as novels, e-books and comics.


Diablo Chronicle in English

Diablo Chronicle website is available in english language as of today. Currently the site has not been fully finished but it already has the most important information about Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion. If you find any errors or mistakes on the site please let me know. I also encourage to comment on how you like the look of the site and what you would have added or changed. I look forward to your suggestions.

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